Must Have Free Software For Windows 10

Windows 10 is great OS. The curated list of software you must have on your computer. Most of the software doesn't need any introduction.The download links are original authors websites. Bookmark this page to keep the list handy. All the software included are completely free.SecurityWindows Defender is really getting better.If you are not convinced with Windows defender, "Avast free antivirus" DownloadSpybot - search and destroy is also best free anti-spyware, anti-malware and adware cleaning.The other excellent option for Anti-malware app is Malwarebytes. It runs on demand (free version) and does not conflict with your native or third-party Antivirus program. And its great at finding threats.Virus Total is another antivirus program, that can be used alongside the main security suite. It is actually a different concept. It scans individual file against the database of about 50 different antivirus tools.Sandboxie is a special tool. If you try too many stranger software, you need it. It runs the new software completely isolated from your windows system. You can be safe from potential threats of unknown software.Windows TweakingFlux will adjust your screen brightness and color temperature for your eyes. Download QT Tab bar adds tabs to the windows explorer file manager. DownloadClover is similar to the QTTab bar but without customization. It adds Chrome-like tabs to File Explorer. (Also read:  4 Best Free File Managers For Windows That Can Replace File Explorer )Sharp Keys: Remap your keyboard keys as you want. Disable some keys or change function. Download Google input tools: If you want to write in any language other, this tool from google may help you. Supports about 22 languages all over the world.Also, read How To Backup And Restore Windows Drivers Without Any SoftwareBasic ToolsSumatra PDF reader, a lightweight PDF reader. DownloadArchive extraction and maker is "7Zip" DownloadArchive opener for special use is "Universal Extractor" DownloadVideo and MP3VLC Media player DownloadMedia player classic for systems with low on configurationAudacity is a Great MP3, Wav audio editor DownloadFormat Factory Download (second preference after Freemake)Free Video Flip and Rotate" DownloadMP3 Tag: a Free solution to edit everything about your MP3 collection. You can edit all tags,  album art. Compare with the online open database. Bulk editor and tagger.GraphicsGIMP an Adobe Photoshop alternativeAn open source SVG graphics editor is Inkscape Download. A basic Corel Draw competitor.Layouts, desktop publishing, page designing here is "Scribus" DownloadPhoto Filtre is Basic, simple, lite and a must have photo editor. is more powerful than Photo filtre. Have great editing feature and completely freeEasy Graphics converter is small Batch image format converter DownloadInternetFirefox DownloadFDM aka Free Download Manager DownloadExtensions: Must Have extension for productive browsing detailed list hereBookmarklets: Must have Bookmarklets detailed list hereKeePass Password safe is the best offline password manager DownloadWireless Network Watcher allows you to list and track every device connected to your wireless router. Simple and practical tool.Cloud storage clients of your favorite cloud services like Dropbox or Google drive or OnedriveWireShark is free and open source tool to monitor in-depth your network activity. Evey pocket of data sent and received.Other ToolsTrueCrypt: Encrypt your USB drive and password protect it. You can also create a mountable partition on your internal hard drive with encryption and password. DownloadeBookEbook Library management, format conversion, reader and much more. Its only "Calibre" DownloadThen "Sigil" may also come to use for editing eBooks as you want them. DownloadBurn Linux image to USBFind the 12 best tools to create bootable USB drive.PDFDo PDF- Convert any doc into pdf Download Solid PDF and PDFZilla for converting from PDF to word Download. Not free but 15 days trial is free. You can Google it for download.Open source PDF split and merge HEREPDF Shaper: (Review)  All In One Free PDF Toolkit To Merge, Split, Extract Text, Images And Convert PDF To WordList of free PDF tools: Free Tools To Create, Edit, Split, Merge, Sign & Convert PDFWinScan2PDF DownloadSystem CleaningUnlocker: You may come across the situation when you cant delete some files in Windows. The file is in use and cant be deleted. To unlock that but, use Unlocker. Download Revo uninstaller: Completely remove the software without keeping and trace and keep your system clean. DownloadEasy cleanerCCleanerRecuva helps you to recover deleted files. Undelete is also find luck.WinDirStat present you a graphical data about the disc usage so that you can easily find and delete large sized unnecessary files.TreeSize Free is also a disk usage monitoring tool to find junk files and delete them.Other Miscellaneous UtilitiesBulk Rename Utility DownloadToddler Keys it can lock your keyboard, CD drive temporarily DownloadNotepad ++ : A developers replacement for Windows Notepad, is useful for everyone else.Evernote: If you don't use Evernote note-taking app, you are really missing something great you are unaware of. Download Evernote and try it.Hardware MonitorOpen Hardware Monitor gives you the temperature, speed and much other information about your hardware performance.CPUZHWiNFOWindows FrameworksOS service pack UpdatesYou can Download all these software from their homepages or Visit Ninite or FreeNew to get all these software in on single installer.I will keep this List updating and also make some changes to download links

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